Last FO of the winter!

Today is the first day of Spring.  This winter has been long, although not too arduous.  No ice storms, only a handful of really snowy days, but still a lot of gray skies.  I do love the warmth of winter garments - thick wool sweaters, cozy scarves and wraps.  I finished my Paloma yesterday after going to Soper Creek Yarn to get buttons.  The buttons are old-fashioned, remind me of 'dad' or 'grandpa' sweaters, and I love the way they look on this thick, textured cardigan.  The pockets are lovely too, with a bit of extra detail on them.  They're deep so they might actually be useful!
ETA - modeled photos:

A few more WIPs to finish and then I can cast on a new project.  I have many queued, with the yarn to go with many of them but I'm resisting the temptation to start something new until the lingering things are done:  "Finish what you start" is my current mantra.


  1. oh wow, that cardigan looks so cozy and comfy and perfect... I bet it feels like a dream! Great colour, too.

  2. Thanks! It does feel great. I think it will be a great transition piece as we move into spring... A good outer layer when it's warm enough to go without a coat but not quite warm enough for a lighter sweater. Ready for that kind of weather now!

  3. Your cardigan looks excellent and a very versatile colour too.


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