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My Wislawa Cowl from Bristol Ivy's Knitting Outside the Box is complete.  This is my second project from her brilliant book.  I love it, and will wear it when the weather changes from hot and humid to cool and frosty.  This change will come more quickly than I'd like, I'm sure.

Pattern:  showcases short row lace motifs inserted into an otherwise simple background of knit/purl garter pattern.  Easy to follow chart (I use chart instead of written instructions) and clear instructions made this a relatively easy knit

Modifications:  I knit fewer repeats than the pattern calls for, as I reached the stated length well before.  It calls for another 4 repeats.

Yarn:  Manos del Uruguay Alegria (75/25 wool/nylon sock yarn)

Overall, this was a quick and satisfying knit, much easier than I anticipated and relatively fast given that it's fingering weight yarn.

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