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yarn of my dreams vs. yarn in my budget

I love knitting books and magazines, especially the ones that come with thick pages and lots of photos that come from overseas (Laine, PomPom).  They are more collectors items than recyclable reads for me.  Often, though, the cost of the suggested yarn is far beyond my means, and often quite literally out of reach to purchase even online.  (Note: I've never purchased yarn online, more on that to come).

I have learned to pay close attention to the fibre content, suggested gauge, and my own experience to pick something to substitute.  My LYS is a great place to go with a pattern - Tina will suggest something that will work that she has in stock. I also often rely on to help me find suitable alternatives to the yarn found in the patterns I want to knit.  I scroll down to see if I recognize a suggestion that my LYS might have, or one I know is comparable.

A few examples:

Nuuk (Laine issue 1) - suggested yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  To purchase the required amount of th…

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