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I've been knitting a lot this month too - trying to keep myself focused on knitting but also have a lot of time to sit at various sports practices and games/meets/events.  Small project knitting is definitely getting done!

First up, I finished my 3 Colour Cowl (without the cashmere) by Joji Locatelli that was my Holiday cast-on.  Easy travelling project, fits in a purse or bag and is easy to follow, pick up and put down during sports events while sitting on very uncomfortable bleachers. Ends have been woven in and it's blocked now but still looks similar to this:

I also finished a bulky fair isle hat for a colleague at work.   I used a Caron x Pantone braid from Michaels, as she has very sensitive skin and also likely wants to wear this without worrying about taking care of a pure wool fibre.  I knit the hat in less than 3 hours during the 2019 Superbowl.  Game was quite boring unless you love strategic defense in a low-scoring game, but that meant I could focus more on the ha…

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