On the Needles this spring

I'm finishing up some projects, starting some new ones.  I don't like knitting spring/summer things, as the season is so short here.  That said, I have a few things planned for when these are done:

A Blue Devil hat - pattern by Thea Coleman (Babycocktails) and yarn is Madeline Tosh DK.  Love the colour and the yarn is so smooth!

A Spiral Spun Waistcoat - my version of the Anna Vest, since I can't afford the book the pattern is in.  This one is a free pattern posted through the Victoria Albert Museum.  I'm knitting along with Karen at Fringe Association.

Still working on my Long Vest - it's been on the back burner as I finish other projects.  May plan to finish by fall...

A Lowlands hat by TinCanKnits to keep the 'gift box' filled.

I have two spring projects queued up - more on those soon!