not a standstill, still a snail's pace

It's August.  How did that happen?  June and July blurred by in some ways, while at the same time seeming to stall.  I respond to stress by working hard when and where I must, but becoming almost distracted, unfocused and unable to finish things outside of those arenas.  Knitting became the casualty of this, and I feel like I'm just coming out of that foggy state now.

Projects have been started... but not finished.  Underway and still not done:  long vest, short "Anna" vest, summer tee with one half almost done (first photo below), poncho with colourwork (just started, colours selected in second photo below), and a recently cast-on Mai Tai cowl that I took on a plane to Mexico (final photo).

The cowl is another BabyCocktails (Thea Colman) pattern - can't go wrong with her patterns as they are all well written.  Hoping to finish this one, then go back and finish all of the unfinished things.  August looks to be less stressful, a little pocket of breathing room before the work begins the week before Labour Day (Back To School).  

Plan to finish this while I watch the Olympics.  I love the Olympics...  always reminds me of how hopeful we can be.   We will watch as much as possible, with a focus on soccer/football.  The Canadian women's team is a force to be reckoned with!  


  1. did you see the women win the bronze in Rugby. So awesome!! I too have been casting on alot, but not finishing anything. Oh well that will leave me lots of wips for the winter! Go Canada Go!

  2. Yes! So inspiring to see them win. Lots of WIPs for the winter- great way to look at the cast-on bug I seem to have. My cowl is coming along while I watch the Olympics. Go Canada!

  3. Love your WIPs on the go! and the Olympics always provide great time to knit.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes an accessory is needed to get back to that feeling of accomplishment. And the Olympics gives lots of time to knit, for me!

  4. Did you participate in the Ravellenic Games?

  5. No, that's part of my problem. I join in on KALs and then find myself never finishing them on time. And sometimes the project isn't really what I want in the end...


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