an equation that works

School break + occupied kids (technology, board games, tv) = FINISHED KNITTING!

I should feel badly about the amount of screen time my kids have had this week during our March Break... but I don't.  I realize all the other 'parent of the year contenders' limit screen time, take their kids on outings to busy places like the zoo or the science centre, and plan for activities throughout the break to keep kids active.  I am not that parent.  We are watching movies and sports, playing on our tablets, playing on the X-box, and I am knitting.

As a result, I've finally finished my Bastille Cowl (Babycocktails pattern) that I started in January 2014.  It took a long time because I kept putting it aside, not because the pattern was difficult.  I love the finished scarf - it's soft and pretty and in my favourite colour.

I also finished the Mystery KAL shawl with Never Not Knitting - Four Seasons shawl.  It's heavy and warm, but very pretty.

I also knit a quick gift in an evening - a Cambrian Cowl  for a friend's birthday.

I still have four other WIPs in progress, but think I can finish my Paloma cardigan by the end of the week (just need more yarn to knit the button band, and some buttons).  Feels great to get things done!