testing my patience

I ran a full marathon once.  A long time ago, BK (Before Kids).  The final 3 km were the longest and most difficult of all 43 km.  The final stretch was along the road toward the parliament building in Toronto and Queen's Park.  The road has a slight uphill grade, going south to north, that feels like a mountain after 40 km of running.  People alongside were finished, wrapped in foil thermal blankets, eating bananas and bagels, shouting "you're almost there".  Well, that's all relative.  Almost there when you feel like you can't take another step is much different from almost there when you're done.  To make matters worse, the finish line was behind the building, out of sight.  I felt like I was running toward something that didn't really exist.  I will add here that I have not run a full marathon since.

My Amanda sweater feels like that last 3km right now.  Endless.  I'm not enjoying this phase of the Amanda sweater.  It's joined and I'm decreasing at each shoulder seam for the raglan yoke, which means the stitch total decreases by 8 each round.  I can see from the pattern that it's almost done (18 more rows of yoke, plus finishing bands), but it feels like that end is much farther away.

 I find myself dreaming of chunky accessories, other projects with mindless stocking stitch, and other distractions that are not endless cable repeats in gray wool.  I will resist starting anything new until this is done.  Like running the marathon, I'm quite certain if I stop I won't restart!


  1. Oh dear! I know how that feeling can be...I have left my cardigan alone and all there is to it is seaming and weaving in ends. I went away and made some smaller projects and now I have got them out of my system I am ready to face the cardigan again.
    Sometimes it doesn't hurt to take a break to refresh yourself. When you are re-energised the Amanda sweater may not be so daunting anymore as you see it with fresh eyes. Just remember what you have written here,..there is only a little bit left to go. Even if you do just one row per night, you will get there. Good luck. I hope it all comes together well for you.
    Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015. Thank you for your online friendship this year. xx


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