swatching - or procrastinating?

I've joined my Amanda sweater and am making my way through the raglan decreases.  All 5 pieces together makes for very long rows.  I can see the end in sight, but realize I still have button bands and a neck band to go too...  I'm going to love it (already love the finished ones over at but am also itching to start something new.

I've had the yarn to make this from Vogue Winter 2013/14 for a while now:
(Photo from Ravelry)
I'm using Diamond Luxury Collection Stellabella in black, blue, and taupe:

I've started a swatch.  I usually use the sleeve as a swatch, so I can feel like I'm started.  I know all of the virtues of swatching, but also find it counter-intuitive to spend time knitting something that won't be part of the finished garment.  That said, I swatched for this mostly to give myself a break from the never-ending Amanda!  Here it is in progress, ready to be finished, measured, and then frogged.  I don't keep my swatches once I've started my project as I usually need the yarn.

Now, back to Amanda!


  1. can't wait to see Amanda when she is ready for show and tell!

  2. Getting there! I am determined to finish before I go back to school in January... self-imposed deadlines help sometimes!


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