obstacles and diversions

So Amanda is on the back burner again because I've run out of yarn.  Again.  My LYS is closed this week so I have to wait until early January to get more wool.  I am half done one button band, so will only have the second band and neck edging to finish.  I ALWAYS have extra yarn at the end of projects so I'm quite surprised that I'm going to need the exact yardage called for this time.   I'm going to block the pieces before I seam them so I'll do that now while waiting for the yarn to come.

In the meantime I get to start one of the queued projects that has been calling my name as I slowly finish my cardigan.  It's the Preppy Vest from Vogue:
I've chosen blue instead of light gray, and taupe instead of dark gray.  I wear a lot of gray and black, I find myself feeling very uncomfortable in bright colours, like a bird who would rather blend in than stand out.  My LYS didn't have different grays to choose from so with help from Tina at Soper Creek  I bought something a tad bit brighter.
I realize this is still relatively neutral, but I know it'll be a departure for my wardrobe.  I do have a few bright coloured sweaters.  They are solids.  I realized as I was shopping that it's the combining of colours that has me befuddled.  I have a few colourwork projects planned for 2015 to get better at combining colours and patterns.  More to come!  In the meantime, it feels good to be starting something new.