new template

I've been uninspired by the look of my blog for a while, but really lack any skills with html, blogging, or other techy things to change it.  I've used a Blogger template to change it after spending about an hour fumbling with 'free' templates and code that I'm supposed to be able to easily download and use. I do like the watercolour look of the background and find the colours more inspiring than the graphic lemon look from before.  I may find another that I like better but will use this one for now....


  1. I like it! I too play around with blogger from time to time, but sometimes I think I should take a course to learn how to use all the features.
    Maybe in 2015!
    Merry Christmas.

  2. I like the new look too - first thing I noticed before the page had even finished loading and my first impression was 'modern'.
    I am also gradually learning the technicalities of blogging (self taught by trial and error) but I am not motivated to take too much time over it because I prefer to use my energy on actually crocheting and living life so I have something to blog about! ;-)
    Well done at taking the leap to work out the hidden side of blogger. Maybe you can teach the rest of us as you go!


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