More knitting (less everything else!)...

A month since posts... I do so  much on my ipad, and can't quite figure out how to post images and create a blog post on that device.  I'm looking into it as I know I'd post more often from that device than the laptop.  Laptop signals "work" for me, while I use my iPad for "fun" things.

I broke out the sewing machine last month and made a top:  Sorbetto by Collette Patterns (a free top pattern).  I also made a "One Hour Top" by Fancy Tiger Crafts but the photo is on Instagram and I'm on my laptop.  Too many technological devices?!!

On the knitting front I've made a lot of small accessories, finished a KAL, and then got very distracted by a Mystery KAL.  

First, I finished a cowl using Noro Gingo and a pattern from my LYS.  It's more colourful than the photo shows, with mauve and green and gray:

I also knit a cowl using Briggs and Little Durasport, also in gray.  It's a bit scratchy but I'll wear it a lot in the fall.  Pattern is from PomPom Magazine, called Striated:

I also got sidetracked by a first birthday gift for my nephew.  I used stash yarn and a free pattern by Joji Locatelli called "Lolo's Vest".  Mine is more colourful than the original, as I didn't have enough of the red or the gray (my original plan) so added in some blue:

I also cast on a hat using the 'pinhole cast-on' for my Year of Techniques project this month.  This month's pattern is a cute knitted mouse.  I live with pre-teen boys and a lot of sports gear... and I am not keen on knitting toys (although these  may get knit one day!).  I'm trying to knit all of my 'technique' projects using stash yarn and patterns I own, so I chose some leftover Berroco Alpaca and cast on an Amstel Hat:

I'm no further along than this, as I am very distracted by my "Starting Point" MKAL with Joji Locatelli.  SPOILER picture is about to come up, but it's only clue one and a bit of clue two, so not really a big surprise anymore as clue 3 was released.  I'm not sure about the colours now that I"m knitting, as it's a lot more colourful than I usually knit.  I knit bright things (like the hat above) but usually in a monochromatic, solid colour.  The mix of colours is very far out of my comfort zone.  This means it will get worn with a lot of gray and black, I imagine!  
Yarns:  Zara (mauve), Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (orange), Sweet Georgia Toughlove sock (variegated), Sweet Georgia Bulletproof Sock (Blue), Alegria (gray):

More on this when it's done, as I don't want to give too much away.  I'm trying to keep up with the pace of the KAL, so I have a few days to do a LOT of knitting - the project uses close to 2000 yards in 4 weeks....  

All of this knitting means less of other things.  Like housework, school work, reading, etc.  I'm okay with this, but my house is looking a little dusty and my report cards loom ahead!