As mentioned previously, I'm following "A Year of Techniques" using patterns and yarn from my library and stash.  I finished my cowl with intarsia and LOVE it.  Love the colour, loved knitting the pattern, love the yarn, love it.  I think it will be perfect for spring, when the wind can be cool despite the sun (which I hear will shine again soon).  I used a new cast-on, learned intarsia with garter stitch (easy!) and grafted the ends together with garter Kitchener stitch (new skill) so really this was 3 new techniques on one go.  I also knit it ahead of my deadline (May 1st) so I'm very proud of myself for following through with my commitment to finish KALs at or near the deadline.

Pattern:  Ice Maiden Cowl by Sybil R (on Ravelry)
Yarn:  Malabrigo Arroyo (variegated) and Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light (burgundy)

Next technique involves sock yarn.  I've never knit socks (aside from a worsted pair of house socks) so I'm hoping to learn something new.  I rarely pay much attention to sock patterns that come my way (in magazines, in books, on websites) so I will have to think about what I can reasonably knit.  For now, I'll wear my new cowl and hope for a breezy, sunny but cool day!


  1. Your intarsia cowl is stunning!! Love that you are trying so many new techniques, it's funny how easy many of them are once you get started and it turns out they are no big deal.

  2. Aaah! That's wonderful! Such a joy when everything is beautiful like that. I love the look of that yarn and cowl too.

    new rabbit hole when you get to the sock department as there are so many things to keep you interested purely in the realm of socks and nothing else. Lots of fun. I believe that whatever technique you want to learn, you can learn it in socks.

    You should be proud for everything you are learning - so many techniques in one project. By the end of the year you shall be a 'jill of all trades'.

    Well done, Sarah! Wear that cowl with pride! :-)


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