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I finished my project and can now post pictures as the contest is closed.  Tina at Soper Creek Yarn set up the entries in the window for voting and there are lots of unique projects.  I always knit something practical, something I can put in the gift bin when I get it back (or keep for myself).  Others knit (or crochet) all kinds of things:
My hat is at the front of the photo, with the intarsia chevrons.  Others knit toys, blankets, cowls, a shawl, and baby clothing. (photo from Soper Creek Yarn blog).

My hat was my first foray into intarsia, with sections of colour that use 'bobbins' or small amounts of yarn in each spot.  I've done lots of stranded colourwork - carrying the yarn behind when not in use - but never this method.

The hat is a pattern from Knitscene by Teresa Gregorio  called Northern Hat.  I love the back, with its textured pattern:
  I had difficulty with the chevrons.  Specifically, the colour changes happen mid-cable in some spots, which was a bit awkward.  My yarn has a high acrylic content (about 50%) so it was a bit slippery.  I think if I used a pure wool the stitches would have stuck together more and have been easier to change from colour to colour.
I do like the final product.  It's a really slouchy hat, lots of room up top.  I knew that from the photo in the magazine and like the look.  I think it will be a good spring hat, when it's cool enough for a hat but not quite cold enough for wool.

I'm not sure I'm ready for another intarsia project, but I'm glad I tried.  I did this also as part of a KAL with Tin Can Knits  - "New Tricks" - to learn a new skill.  May try another project with less fiddly sections for colour change.  Perhaps the Tin Can Knits Sweetness Cowl with a change mid-row.  Until then, onward with the rest of the WIPs.  Need to "get 'er done!".


  1. Well done for successfully applying a new skill. Remember that you weren't just using intarsia but you were combining it with cables. That's two skills at once. It often feels awkward or clumsy the first time we try any new skill. Perhaps the more intarsia you do, the easier and simpler it will become. It takes time to find the best way for the hands to work a new skill because we are all different - look at the many ways people hold knitting needles and crochet hooks and yet still achieve the same result. The window display looks excellent! You can be very proud. Good luck with the competition. :-)

  2. Thanks! I enter more for the community than the competition - I have no plans of winning. Everyone does such different things, it's hard to compare them all.


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