In like a lion...

It's early March, a month that started with a snowstorm.  "In like a lion" also means "out like a lamb", I hope.  I'm planning ahead for spring time accessories and found the perfect book for patterns and inspiration:  Botanical Knits by Alana Dakos.  I'm just finishing her "Four Seasons" shawl (the MKAL project) and love the aesthetic of her designs.  I own Coastal Knits and love the designs from both Hannah Fetig and Alana in that book.

Botanical Knits has 4 sweaters and several accessory patterns.  I hope to knit almost all of them (except the socks - I don't knit socks).  I have yarn in my stash that I plan to use for the projects.  Think ahead a couple of months to May, when leaves are on the trees and the snow is gone!
First, sweaters:

Autumn Leaves - knit in a sport-weight alpaca blend, no yarn in my stash yet but I think this might be a good project for early fall next year

Buds and Bloom - a bulky weight sweater jacket, with unique pocket construction, no stashed yarn yet but I'll work on it!

Entangled - a raglan cardigan with pattern in the sleeve, may have yarn but I'll have to swatch with my Heaven's Hand Wool
It may be more appropriate for Twig and Willow, a close-fitting cardigan - the swatch will tell!

More on the accessories (there are 6) in another post!


  1. The buds and bloom pockets look so sweet! I hope they are easy to create. You mentioned that they have a unique construction. I will be keen to see what can be learned from them. Even though I don't knit much (if at all) I am still interested in knitting and construction techniques because it all helps, even when crocheting.


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