marching into march

I have a plan for March - finish at least 2 projects in progress.  I finished my Yarn Challenge project (more to come in March after the contest ends), and am 10 rows away from finishing my MKAL Shawl for Never Not Knitting.  Pattern is called Four Seasons.  Mine is so close and yet so far from done...
I'm determined to finish my Seattle Cowl - my version of BabyCocktails' Bastille.  I started it 2 years ago and have been working away at it during my kids' sports practices and swimming lessons. Time to get into gear and get it done!
I'm also hoping to finish a few other things.  Trying not to have too many deadlines in mind, but also realize that I need to stop casting on and start casting off!


  1. It feels good to get those wips under control. I did that at the beginning of January and for the first time I only have one project on the go (not counting my sock yarn blanket.....)
    So, yay, you!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I am hoping to narrow my WIPs to one garment and one accessory at a time - enough variety that I can pick what to work on, but still a commitment to finish what I start. Now, off to finish....

  3. I'm afraid I can't say much - I thought I was sensible to have two projects on the go (like you) but they have both been at a standstill because I can't make up my mind about what stitches to crochet next to finish them off! Decisions, decisions... so tempting to start something else but I dare not.


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