It's December 23, two days until Christmas.  Gifts were finished on time, so the time pressure has been relieved for now.  I knit a capelet for my mom from Vogue Holiday 2015 using yarn with a thread of sparkle.  It's cozy, but will layer well over a casual outfit on a cruise ship (for an upcoming trip).   Not modeled, but may get a shot on the recipient in a couple of days:
Other hats and cowls made it into the hands of friends and teachers, so I'm now able to go back to projects started but not finished.  My knitting has been interrupted though, as I teach my two kids how to knit.  Young grade-school boys are not as patient as one would hope.  They've mastered garter stitch and have knit a scarf, a hat (I did the crown shaping and seaming), and a cowl.  Both want to knit more, but also realize it's a slow process.  Bulky yarn helps!  It's fun watching them master a skill, enjoy a hobby, and have something to do in the rainy days leading up to Christmas this year.  Maybe next year, they'll contribute to the gift pile!