I have many WIPs that must get finished.  Mentally, I don't do well with things that are incomplete.  I like 'works in progress' at times, or the idea that there may not be a 'finish line'.  I run for the joy of running, exercise because I feel good, eat well because I like to feel healthy - not to get to a size or number on a scale.  I am happy to abandon books I don't like (life's too short to read boring books), or read parts of books that can be picked up and put down.

In my knitting this year, I want to finish what I've started.  I say this often, but am committed to getting things done.  I have a few projects that have lingered for a variety of reasons:  set aside to finish gifts, set aside to join a KAL, or set aside for something different.  Now, I want to finish all the things I've started so I can focus on knitting things I really want to knit (info on my plans to come soon...).  To get finished:

Bastille  - a cowl that I've been working on for more than a year

Long waistcoat (vest) - this is knitting up quickly, and will get a lot of wear over leggings with boots this winter

Mosaic sweater - the back and sleeves are done (solid brown ribbing) so I just have the front to go.  I'm enjoying the mosaic pattern, and think this will fit well.  

I've been able to knit a lot over the holidays, so I am hopeful that all will be done very soon.  I need layers - looks like winter weather is finally arriving this week!


  1. The mosaic stitch is fascinating. I had borrowed a library book about mosaic knitting but found it a little hard to follow because I am a crocheter and have only basic knitting skills. I like the contrasting colours you have used.


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