fast november - gift season

Slow October is followed by fast November, as I try to knit as many gifts as I can.  I vow each year to knit gift items year-round to avoid the rush.  So far I haven't kept that promise to myself!  I am committed to spending less this Christmas, and giving gifts I have made will help.

To that end, hats and cowls are flying off the needles as I knit as much as possible this fall:
2x2 - a Tin Can Knits pattern

Barley - another Tin Can Knits patttern

Still on the needles I have a One-Ball Cuffed Hat, a Hella hat (both in Lion's Pride Woolspun) and a Cropped Poncho for my mom.  The hats have a birthday deadline of Nov. 27, but the poncho is a Christmas gift.  Let's hope I finish!


  1. I had to laugh when I read about your vow because I was having that same conversation with myself this morning when I realised that there probably isn't enough time left to make all the things I want to make for people. You are lucky to live in a climate where beanies and cowls are always welcome at Christmas time. They are an easy option and so many patterns from which to choose. I hope you have a happy Christmas and manage to get everything done. :-)

  2. Likewise, I'm envious of the warmer weather coming your way!

    1. Not sure you would be too envious this week...we are in the midst of a run of days over 40 degrees celsius. Yesterday reached 41, today reached 43 tomorrow's forecast is 42 and Saturday's 43! It is stifling and scorching. One can only go outside in the early morning and evening because it is dangerously hot outside.

      How is your poncho coming along? I finished two items for one Christmas gift and I am nearly finished a third item. I doubt I will have time to make any more. Did you get your hats done in time? I like the one in your photo here. Have a merry Christmas, Sarah and thank you for your support in blogland this year. :-)

    2. Hats and poncho done in time! Have a great holiday with your family, and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2016!


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