Different Dyelot

I knew I'd run out of yarn but also knew that I wouldn't find the dyelot at my LYS (I bought the yarn about 2 years ago).  I'm on the second sleeve but also have the the yoke (underarms and upward) to finish.  I read somewhere that if I alternate skeins every 2-4 rows, it might blend in more and be less noticeable. 
The sleeve has four rows of the new yarn.  I can't really tell the difference, so I'm going to alternate a bit more to be sure, and then if it's still barely seen, I'll go back to one skein.  I really don't want to be alternating for the yoke but may have to...  the Amanda adventure continues!


  1. never a dull moment in knitterland....Keep us posted, but couldn't see any difference in the picture you posted. and yes, alternating skeins on the yoke would not be much fun.

    1. Good to hear it'snot noticeable, I'm ready to go to one skein again!

  2. It these technicalities faced by knitters and crocheters that I like to read about.
    I don't like that you are having problems - no one likes that - but it is always interesting to see how people approach or solve those problems. Problems are always opportunities to learn something new.


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