5KCBWDAY6 - the shop around the corner

My local yarn store and its owner Tina have had a huge influence on my knitting.  I love browsing and shopping, buying local and buying (on the rare occasion that I can afford it) a luxury skein or two.  Her shop is Soper Creek Yarn  in Bowmanville - about an hour east of Toronto for those of you who don't know small-town Ontario:
(image is from www.sopercreekyarn.ca)

Without the yarn store, I'd be destined to shop at box stores like Michaels for yarn, and be limited to mainly acrylic blends of fairly generic yarns.  (don't get me wrong, I'm not a yarn snob and have lots of garments I love made with Lion Brand, Patons, and other yarns from Michaels).  The yarn store allows me to peruse Malabrigo, Manos, Classic Elite, and Berroco yarns with projects and patterns to add to my queue.  I also get friendly service and the experience of shopping in my next-door community. 

Tina, the owner, knows a lot about yarn and about running a store that makes everyone feel welcome.  I've been in to browse and to shop, and have even braved the store with a child or two in tow... not a recommended way to shop!  She hosts knitting nights, offers lessons by appointment, and has recommendations for almost any project.  I've also become part of a knitting community.  Every year, Tina hosts a yarn challenge:  a specific yarn and colourway chosen, with projects displayed in the window and voted on each spring, and prizes.  My projects are always practical and rarely as creative as the ones others do (check them out in her blog archives) but always fun.  A few from the past years (top to bottom: baby sweater in Mission Falls 1824, hat in Briggs and Little Regal, hat and fingerless gloves in Cascade Sport).
I love going to my LYS - always inspiring!


  1. Just found your blog, and I have to say, your blog has the best title ever!

  2. Nice to know that there are craft shops that welcome children. There is a yarn shop not far from my home (that I refuse to use) that is distinctly unfriendly towards children which is such a shame as children are the next generation of customers! Giving a child an interest and skills in yarn crafts is a gift that can last a lifetime. I would hate for my child to be put off crafts by a shop with a bad attitude. I am glad your shop is so lovely. You are lucky.


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