FO - Heart Shaped Box with photos

My young son (7 years old) took photos with my phone, so I now have posed photos of my Boxed Pullover.  I made it longer by about an inch, but think I'd lengthen another inch or two if I had to redo.  It sits right at the bottom of my ribcage.  Cropped tops seem to be 'in' right now so I'll leave it.  The construction of the sweater is easy, and I like how all the neck stitches are held live to be picked up for the ribbed collar so it's seamless despite all the raglan and side seams.  I made the size 43, so it has about 5 inches of ease at the bust, but more at the upper bust).   Lots of finishing!  I have worn it once already as it's still woolly clothing weather here in late April.