Musing about - planning for the weather

The weather at this time of year is an unpredictable mistress, dictating the need for wardrobe changes at a moment's notice.  Layers are key but I admit that because I am always so cold I inevitably dress for the chill of the morning rather than for the warmth of the afternoon.  The need for wardrobe flexibility results also from the sudden change from snow to sun after a much-talked-about lengthy winter.  Case in point:

 The photo on the left is today, the one on the right is a week ago.  To plan for the fickle weather, I'm knitting a cape, inspired by the cape on found as a free pattern on the Vogue Knitting   Mine will be in black, using the Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn listed in the pattern.  I hope it will allow me to transition from cold to warm and back to cold with ease this spring. 
Original pattern is Charming! Cape (Ravelry), mine is Storybrooke Cape (on Ravelry) named after the television show Once Upon a Time.  Knit most of this while watching episodes of the show set in fictitious Storybrooke, Maine.