We interrupt our knitting time for raccoons....

We live in a house on a ravine and a large yard.  As a result, we see squirrels, rabbits, birds, the occasional deer, and other wildlife.  The other night, we awoke to the sound of animals in our attic.  Not animals that tiptoe and whisper, like mice.  These animals were playing sports, wrestling, and running up above me.  The next morning (while it was still dark) the critters were spotted:  2 very large adult raccoons.  The Ministry of Natural Resources has a tip page for living with raccoons, and humane ways to rid them from your home:  http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/FW/2ColumnSubPage/289998.html
To be clear, I don't want to live in harmony with raccoons.  They wreck havoc on houses, rip apart roof, soffit, and eaves.  They rip apart insulation, claw at drywall and flooring, and can create a mess in their new 'home' that is my house.  Most importantly, they are nocturnal and keep me up all night.  The wildlife removal company installed a one-way door in the spot where they were entering the house.  Awesome.... if they knew how to use it.  Instead, we had a longer night of raccoons spending almost all of their waking (and my sleeping) hours trying to find a way out and trying to figure out how to push open the new door.  No success.   Tonight I hope their learning curve will be less steep, they will leave and not return, and I will get some sleep after 4 nights in a row of listening to raccoons co-exist with me in my home.
Perhaps after a night of sleep I will feel ready to return to knitting.  A black and white project, perhaps?!!


  1. At least you are keeping a sense of humour with your black & white project idea. Possums create similar problems where we live too. So far, we have been fortunate to not have a possum problem in our home. I do hope your raccoon issues have been resolved.


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