cape cod - the details

My Cape Cod sweater fits exactly as I planned.  This is due to reading the pattern and schematics carefully, planning for a fit to my body using measurements for decreases and increases rather than the number of rows or measurements in the pattern (e.g., deeper yoke, longer torso, longer sweater). 

Ease:  zero ease at bust (size 38) allowed for slight positive ease at waist.

Yoke:  I knit a few extra decreases for the raglan to get deeper shoulders, and more room in the upper arms. 

Waist Shaping:  as written in pattern, with attention to the space between my upper torso and waist.

Length:  measured the length of my shirts/sweaters that fit well (don't ride up at the waist) and knit to that length.

Sleeves:  knit to lower bicep with decreases as written, then knit cuffs in rib, incorporating 2 more decreases in ribbing every four rows.  I knit sleeves before finishing the body so that I knew I'd have enough yarn for them prior to lengthening the body.  If I needed more yarn, I would have ripped back ribbing to make it shorter at sleeves.

The only thing I don't like is the boatneck.  This is not a fault of the pattern, but more my own size and style.  I find the top of the neck rides up (you can see a slight ripple at centre front of neck).  I'd modify the neck to make it a crew neck if I were to knit this again or knit another pattern with a boat neckline.    I love scarves, so my solution is to wear a scarf to cover up the neckline.

I do like how it looks from the back, though (the cable is straight, just curved in this picture)
Overall, this is an incredibly well written pattern and I know I will get a lot of wear out of this.