I've sidetracked myself again with a project that I found on Thea Colman's blog:  "Bastille Backstory" tells the story of the band Bastille and her daughter's chance to see them in a private concert in Boston.  Reminds me of the way music becomes the soundtrack of our lives - songs bring us to moments in time in the same way that looking at a photograph can.  I thought back to the music of my life, the musicians and the songs that stick with me.  My love of alternative rock music has been with me since high school, but the bands from Seattle in the early '90s solidified what music was supposed to be (for me). 

So, I drove immediately to Soper Creek Yarn in Bowmanville to find the perfect yarn for my own rock-inspired cowl.  I bought a luxury (for me) yarn that is a splurge - Malabrigo Rastita in a steel gray colour:
Cast on last night and hope to finish by the end of January!