Queued up... Plaids and Checks and Houndstooth... oh my!

Trends in fashion, aside from orchid colour, seem to be plaids, checks, and other graphic prints.  I'm going to make a few projects:

Bucheron Mitts from Interweave Knits Winter 2014:
picture from Ravelry:  http://images4-b.ravelrycache.com/uploads/hannahrbaker/190833403/20130828_intw_knits_1341_small_best_fit.jpg

Mine will be in Lett-Lopi yarn (wooly and scratchy and Icelandic!)

Also making a mashup of patterns, using the Hollywood Herringbone Pullover pattern for its fit and shaping, in gray and purple houndstooth.  I swatched a bit of herringbone and a repeat of houndstooth:

Top is my swatch, bottom is the original pattern (taken with my camera - my copy of the magazine).  Using the trendy Purple (see post on Pantone colours!) and the trendy houndstooth.  Let's hope I finish it in time to be on trend still!