sheep to frog

So often, items that start off as a promising bit of wool turn into items for the 'frog pond' - like the lovely tank in the top picture that, while pretty, doesn't quite fit.  The bottom fingerless gloves did end up as planned and have been gifted to a friend.  My new goal is to plan more carefully before I start so that I have more successful projects and fewer 'frogs'! 

For me, this means paying more attention to the schematics, acknowledging that the model might not   will not have the same proportions as me, and finding patterns that work for my size rather than the modelled picture.  This also means choosing better yarns (sorry, acrylic lovers) so my projects are worth fixing and fiddling with.  After all, I want handmade craftmanship, not a 'homemade' look, to my clothing.