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My LYS, Soper Creek Yarn, holds a Yarn Challenge every spring.  Each participant buys a kit that includes several small amounts of the chosen yarn in different colours.  We have about a month to knit something using the yarn. Or crochet, or weave, or do something equally crafty with it.  I have entered for the past 6 years, just missed the first year (wasn't as avid a knitter then!).

I enter to be part of the community; I must admit winning isn't really that important (although a gift card for more yarn is a welcome prize!).  I don't like to compete, I just like to participate.  I am always amazed at the creativity of the other participants.  I always choose a practical project, something I will use or give away after.  This often involves buying more of the chosen yarn to make my project, and knitting feverishly to the deadline.  This year is no different...

Here are my projects from the past few years:

A baby sweater in Mission Falls 1824 (now discontinued):

Legwarmers in Cascade 220 (my go-to yarn!):

A cotton tee in Berroco Weekend (not sure why I don't have a photo of the finished sweater):

Hat and fingerless gloves using Cascade 220 superwash sport:

An Olympic Themed hat using Briggs and Little Regal, a Canadian yarn:

This year's yarn is Estelle Andean DK, in 3 natural colours.  I'm knitting a shrug from Graphic Knits, with unusual construction.  I've trusted the pattern after worrying about the shape - I do find shrugs are hard to 'see' as you go since construction is usually a little different (e.g., centre-out, or side to side, or small pieces, or circular....).  Here's my in-progress photo:
The shrug is done, but I will wait to post more photos until the end of March and the end of the contest.  Voting begins at the end of the week.  I am most excited to see the other projects, and to have my item in the store window for a little while.


  1. I am like you - I like to participate in things like this - makes me feel part of a community plus usually my skills are stretched. well done on all your projects!

    1. Thanks! I ended up giving the Romi top away (the one in Weekend) because it was too small. My current project is a lot of fun, and will definitely get worn as the weather (hopefully) turns to spring soon!


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