Mai Tai for Me!!!

I love Berroco yarns, my LYS has lots  in stock.  I entered a contest on the blog sponsored by one of my favourite designers Thea Coleman (Babycocktails).  Imagine my surprise to get an email from Berroco's Amy Christoffers to tell me I WON!   I will be receiving yarn to knit the Mai Tai cowl from Thea Coleman's new collection "Tiki", and the designer sent me the ebook already!

To win, I had to enter a comment about what I'm doing to cope with the end of the long winter while waiting for signs of spring.  I wrote:

“To beat the winter blahs I take time to enjoy the small signs of spring on my outdoor runs, like slushy puddles instead of icy patches on the sidewalks, and being able to run with just my winter running pants and not the long underwear underneath! I would love a bright pink cowl to wear as I welcome spring!"

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I will start with the cowl, but also plan to splurge for a skein of something special for one of the hats. I'm not Irish or superstitious, nor am I particularly lucky.  I don't like to gamble, and as mentioned before I'm not particularly competitive, but I feel very lucky right now!


  1. Congratulations! Isn't it great when you win something? It is like the universe is giving you a standing ovation! Well done!

  2. Winning is a surprise, a welcome surprise. I never enter contests thinking I'm going to win. I enter to participate but I'm looking forward to knitting the projects!


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