My plans for knitting in 2015

As I finish up Amanda (finally!) I am looking ahead to 2015 and my plans.  I have a lot of yarn stashed away, so I'm committed to knitting from my stash as much as possible.  I don't have any specific goals in mind.  Every time I set a deadline or make a list of 'must knit', I feel like I'm letting myself down when I don't meet the deadline or the goals.  Knitting is my hobby, my personal creative outlet, and I don't want it to become something I feel I "HAVE" to do.  So, here are some general ideas for the next few months...

First up, I've joined a KAL to knit a Baby Cocktails pattern.  I've knit Thea Coleman's patterns before (Cape Cod, Vodka Lemonade) and have Bastille in progress.  I'm knitting Irish Coffee using Briggs and Little Regal, a Canadian wool that's rustic but softens when blocked.  The colour is Turquoise, and is different than it looks below.  Poor iPhone photos don't do it justice!

I also have yarn on hand ready to knit Adelaide by Kate Gagnon Osborne.  I'm going to change the pullover into a cardigan.  Not steeking, like a few have done, but will follow the designers mods and knit back and forth instead.  She blogs about it here:

I will be using mainly Briggs and Little Regal in an off-white colour, with some stashed Cascade 220 and Ultra Alpaca for the colourwork:
I will get more wear out of a cardigan, I think. I also find them more flattering than a yoked pullover.  I am looking for a pullover with set-in sleeves to do after... maybe.  These should take me a while!  In the meantime, I'm at the neckband of my Amanda, and am done the back of my preppy vest.  Will finish the Amanda tonight!!!


  1. ahh...another briggs and little fan. I love that stuff - it is so durable, and does soften so much....didn't know about the awesome may be tempting me away from my cold sheeping idea this year.

    1. The white is Briggs and Little, the other colours are Cascade and Berroco. I do love the colours of Briggs and Little though, they are so soft. The light purple is lovely, but I'm using up some stashed yarn for this one! I agree with you, the yarn is fantastic!

  2. Oooh! Excitement to see your finished Amanda! (Hooray! after all you have been through.)
    I love your colour choice for the Icelandic sweater. Nice and bright and modern.
    Like you, I have been trying to work through my stash and avoid buying new yarn but sometimes a particular pattern demands to be made and new yarn is needed for it. Maybe I will have more luck in 2015. All the best with your projects this year!


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