WIP - Estuary

I'm done a side panel (started side panel first so I could also use as gauge swatch), and started a garter panel.  Love the way the yarn is working up, love the speed of the bulky weight.  Notice though that my row gauge and stitch gauge are not going to match the pattern.  The garter 'width' has to match the side 'length' to be seamed together to create a round garment.  We then start from here with the stitches held, plus picked up garter stitches, to knit in the round from mid-torso up.  I will have to rip back a few rows of the side panel to make it match the garter panel, and then adjust the overall length of the tank after that.  Not a big deal... maybe I'm the only one whose row and stitch gauge don't match the given gauge most of the time?  I usually go with stitch gauge (horizontal measurement) and fiddle with the length accordingly.  Onward I go!