slowly moving Seattle cowl

I imagine a day when I am a monogamous knitter - where I finish one project before starting the next.  But then the reality of life and myself as a crafter takes over and I'm juggling several projects at once.  Some projects are seasonal, and put aside to focus on something that matches the weather.  I'm not interested in finishing a bulky wool cape in the midst of summer when a cotton tank like Estuary is more appealing.  Likewise I start gifts for my gift bin - scarves or hats - but put these aside to work on projects for me.

Seattle is one of the projects that I started with a great amount of enthusiasm.  I love the pattern, the yarn, and the story it tells.  I put it aside for gifts that needed to be finished, garments that I want to wear, and other projects.  I've pulled it out to work on again... and forgot how to read the lace rows.  Lots of trial and error to get back on track.  It can be tv knitting once I'm back in the groove of it, but not right now.   For now it's slowly moving, a bit at a time.