about those photos.... 5KCBWDAY3

Stylized photos?  Depends on who is doing the photographing....

The prompt today asks us to photograph our knitting from a different perspective, to focus on the photography and not just the knitting.  I'm sure others will post lovely photographs with artistic and creative flair.  You will likely see beautiful images like those on Eskimimi's blog or knits modelled and styled with fashionable flair as seen on TheYarnista's blog

But here?  Not so much.  I had great intentions of taking beautiful photographs.  A few years ago I bought my camera, lens, and flash.  I practised taking still-life shots, and love my 50mm lens.  Then, life (and a dropped lens) got in the way.  I admit my knitting photos are not styled, staged, and shot to the best of my ability.  Most of the time, the photo is the 'selfie' in the mirror trying to catch a good angle of the garment.  Sometimes, it's my knitting plopped on a surface in my house (counter, bed, desk, couch) to take a photo of the yarn or work in progress. 

More recently, I've discovered that the best way to get a shot of my FO without the camera in my face and the glare of a flash in the mirror is to hand the iPhone camera over to someone else.  My most recent masterpiece:

 Blurry front view and slightly less blurry back view of my Boxed Pullover, photographed by my 7 year old son.  He's 7.  Sometimes, most of the time the moment behind the camera is just as important to me as the resulting photographs.  My son was so excited to take pictures of me in my sweater, until the picture was taken and then we were just as excited to open a new box of Lucky Charms and turn on DisneyXD.   Maybe better photos will have to wait....


  1. Oh dear - so sorry to hear about your broken lens. It must be frustrating for you but, as you say, life gets in the way sometimes. That's how it is for me a lot of the time as a parent of 3 children so I like to keep the photography simple most of the time - mainly because of time and energy constraints although I do get a lot of satisfaction when I take the time to think about the backdrop etc. and it turns out well. Your photo of your pullover is perfectly adequate - I can see the shape, colour, the way it fits, and the overall effect. Lovely..


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