The year of Coastal Knits - and some BT

I want to focus my attention.  My knitting represents the creative outlet of my life, but also reflects a bit of my wandering attention.  I like to be inspired, buy a lot of magazines and books, and then drift from one to the next in a bit of an indecisive way - like a bee hovering over flowers, not sure which one to land on.  My solution is to spend time this year knitting the projects in Coastal Knits:
Source:  coastal knits

I bought the book a year ago (or so) and love almost all of the patterns.... I love all of them, but am pretty sure I will knit 9 of the 10.  Not sure the stole will make it to completion.  Lots of yarn at fingering weight for an accessory. 

I will start my first pattern in a week or so - the hat.  I'm also going to knit a few things from Brooklyn Tweed

First up will be Inversion, a KAL with my dearest friend Carolanne.  She's a quilter/artist with all things fibre and fabric.  The pattern was a gift from her, and we plan to carve out time in our busy lives to knit this at the same time.  Photos of the projects and yarn to come!