sidetracked by the boys

So my knitting has been interrupted with a persistent 6-year-old boy voice in my ear (literally, people, I'm not on the hallucinogens - yet) asking for "fingerless gloves".  Now I can usually sidestep the requests, but this voice has been repeating the same mantra for months:  "When are you going to knit me some fingerless gloves?"  My standard answer has been "this summer when I'm off".  Well, summer is coming to an end and I have finally caved in and cast on some easy fingerless gloves.  Using some Mission Falls 1824 in a pumpkin colour from my stash, so they will be quick, cheerful, and cheap.  All of the necessary ingredients for a gift for a rough and tumble kid. 

On the topic of gift knits, I ran across this diagram at The Panopticon's blog.  Definitely worth checking in occasionally, as he is very witty.  Case in point:

He writes:  My personal rule for deciding this couldn't be simpler. I ask myself these two questions regarding the potential recipient:
  1. Are you a close blood relation with whom I am on speaking terms?
  2. Are you providing me with high-quality free sex on a regular basis?

While this is not a "special occasion", I figure I should knit the 6-year-old some gloves before he's too cool to rock the handknits and I'm dropping an obscene amount of money on snowboard gloves that will make a serious dent in the grocery budget.  Now, off to finish glove one and start glove two before I get a case of "second sock/mitt-itis" and abandon the whole project.