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There are lots of reasons I knit, most of them are the usual ones that I share with many others: the love of crafting and making, the need for a creative outlet, the need for clothing.  This week I also knit to make a statement.  I knit a hat inspired by the Pussyhat Project.  The hats are made to be worn today, January 21, in the National (or international) Women's March in Washington.  The purpose is to bring women together to advocate for women's rights, human rights, and respect for all.  The hat symbolizes the power of women, the importance of solidarity, and the belief that each person matters.  I cannot go to a March today, and I didn't finish one in time to mail it to someone who will be going.  So I have been wearing it out and about:

Not with a phone in front of my face, of course.  I've been asked about the hat, and when asked I tell the story of why I have knit my hat but more importantly, why so many women have knit hats for today.  I feel that it's important to speak up, speak out, and act every day. 

Being an ally (standing and speaking with others) and being an advocate (standing and speaking for myself) is not something we should save for special days, special parades, or special events.  I'm advocating every time I wear my hat.  Including today.


  1. Hear hear! So glad that you are standing up for others, as well. :)


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