Gifting - tis the season to knit faster!

I'm a week away from Christmas Eve, and have most of the knitting done.  My ongoing 'gift bin' that gets filled with accessories throughout the year helps.  We go searching for teacher gifts, or a small thing to go with a gift card, so that it's not as much 'on demand' knitting in December.  This year's gifts:

Antler Mitts - pattern TinCanKnits, yarn Briggs and Little Heritage
Blue Devil - pattern BabyCocktails, yarn Madelinetosh DK

Cambrian Cowl - pattern Never Not Knitting, yarn Borgo De'Pazzi Luna

A Twin Leaf Loop - pattern Never Not Knitting, yarn Borgo de'Pazzi Luna
Northward - pattern TinCanKnits, yarn Borgo de'Pazzi (blue), Misty Alpaca (orange)

Just have to finish up one last one - a 'hack' for TinCanKnits "hackathon2016".  I'm turning the Sitka Spruce Hat into a cowl.  Yarn is Heaven's Hand Wool Classic.  Love how it's turning out, but the twisted stitches are killing my hands. 

When it's done, I'm determined to knit my Sambuca that I started in the fall, and finish up my vest that has been  WIP for over a year.  Both will be great holiday projects for the upcoming Christmas vacation.  Then, my Botanical Knits that I have queued up will be started!


  1. Oh Sarah! You have been ever so busy! I like your idea of an 'accessories gift bin'. I must get organised to do that. Every year, I vow to start early with gift crafting and every year I get distracted with other things until it is suddenly October/November and time is pressing. Your finished projects are beautiful.
    I'm sorry to read about the effect the twisted stitches are having on your hands. The first knitting project I did after decades of no knitting ended up having all the stitches twisted without even trying or realising! Here I was feeling good that I had remembered how to knit when my knitter friend said, "Do you realise that you have twisted all the stitches?" and she was right. I was using a continental method to effortlessly twist stitches. Maybe that could be an option for you next time?

    1. I have been busy but the gift bin pays off. I toss in small items all year, then when the holiday rush hits I have items to give that don't have to be a specific size. Thanks for the tip about twisted stitches. I will have to look up a video on continental knitting and give it a try... when my hands feel up to it!

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