USED - Slow October accessories

I don't shop at thrift stores often.  Lots of reasons why, mostly that the thrift stores in my area aren't stocked with the things I'm looking for.  We have a Value Village, and a couple of small stores, but I've yet to find things I want.  I have no aversion to things that are used, or worn.  My children wear second-hand clothes all the time, and use second-hand sports equipment.  I just haven't found what I'm looking for often enough and admit I never go into thrift shops any more.

I do own a fabulous purse made from recycled seat belts:
The company that makes them is Canadian - U.S.E.D. or "Unlimited Supplies from Everyone's Discards".  I love my purse.  It has a long shoulder strap, is so durable that it still looks new a year later, and has a sturdy buckle (seatbelt buckle, of course!).  This company has links to recycle child car seats that expire every few years, and also makes tote bags from shade sail cloth.  They also make leashes for pets and other products.  The website explains how they source their material, and the philosophy behind the company based in British Columbia (they do ship world-wide!).

To me, this is the kind of product I want to look for and invest in when I'm shopping.  I won't be making all of the things I wear and use, but I can look for things that fit with a conscious spending mindset. 


  1. That bag is a great idea! I have never seen seat belts in so many different colours. Around here they seem to all be black with silver buckles.


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