I'm Versatile!

I've been nominated for an award by Mary-Anne over at  Breathing Life, the Versatile Blogger award.  I do mostly blog about knitting, so I'm not necessarily versatile at first glance.  I do, however, find myself making analogies between knitting's ebb and flow and my own life.  Thanks to Mary-Anne for reading my blog and for nominating me and the other blogs mentioned on her blog:  http://mary-mann.blogspot.ca
Versatile blogger

I read many blogs, most are well-known and read by many.  I find myself drawn to those that post about life and knitting (or other crafts) and the ways they intersect.  Some blogs I enjoy are connected to a commercial enterprise so I recognize that the personal sometimes becomes less appropriate in these situations.  Nonetheless, here are a few that I think are worth noting (and nominating):

Under the Same Moon - back in Canada!
PixelKnits Ponderings - gorgeous Art Journals!
Lupey Loops - great posts on living with challenges and making every moment count
Knitted Bliss - weekend links, patterns, and fun photography

My biggest challenge is to find time to blog amidst the busy days and evenings.
To fulfill the other requirement of this award I am suppose to post 7 random facts about me so here goes:

I love Starbucks coffee, particularly Americano with cream
I like to run in the snow, outside
My favourite colour is gray
I have no tattoos and only my ears are pierced
I was accepted by a university to do a Masters in Library Science, but chose do a B. Ed. instead
I worry... about almost everything
My favourite vegetables are sweet potatoes


  1. Great to get to know you better. And now I am off to read the blogs you nominated.


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