we interrupt Amanda to bring you hats!

My Amanda sweater has stalled - likely due to two factors.  One, I'm on the second sleeve and so have become predictably bored with the project.  Two, Christmas is less than 3 weeks away so some gifts have been knit.  Amanda will resume over the holidays.  I've put a self-imposed date of January 5 (back to school day) to have her done.  In the meantime, gifts!
The first is a Veronica Slouch Hat from Make It! Magazine (among other places) for one teacher - minus the buttons.

Next up, the other teacher loves Harry Potter, and has been reading the books aloud.  She will, of course, receive a knit inspired by the movie.  From the screen via Big Knitting Trouble here is a shot of Hermione in the movie, with the knitted gift beside:

Not to be done with hats, a few more have been knit 'just in case':

The blue one is still missing the pompom (I hate making them and have procrastinated) and the other is ready to go.  Both are from Knit Simple magazine, Fall 2014.  The blue is supposed to have a bright orange pompom, but I can't find quite the right yarn.  The gray/yellow has a leather tab in the pattern, but I substituted a massive button instead.

Finally, two cowls from the same pattern are done or in the works - Ambrosia Cowl from Make It! magazine.  They will be gifted too, not sure who the recipient will be yet....

 All of this to distract from a second sleeve that awaits!


  1. sometimes procrastination is the best motivator - great hats - way more fun than the second sleeve!

  2. Wow! You have been very busy. The purple Hermione hat is a good likeness. I am sure it will be most treasured due to its significance. How thoughtful of you.
    If you don't like making pom poms, could you top your beanie with curlicues or tassles or a bunch of i-cord 'worms' instead?
    I don't mind making pom poms but I haven't mastered the art of getting them tightly finished. There always comes a time when my pom poms start to loosen up and come apart. Maybe I need to use thread which may not stretch like other fibres. How do you keep your pom poms from coming undone?
    Keep up the good work and I totally relate to getting bored with a cardigan around second sleeve time!
    Happy gift-giving :-)


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