moving forward

I've moved on to the left front.  I will knit the button bands as written, so will knit them and seam them with a smaller needle after the pieces are done.  It's going well, the pattern has finally become 'memorized' so that I can 'read' where I am when I pick it up and put it down.  Watching others at #fringeandfriendsKAL!

At the same time, it's gift knitting season (after Thanksgiving in October until the last minute in December) so I've started a birthday scarf needed by late November. It's more portable than Amanda, and in bulky yarn is going quite quickly:


  1. I love your cables - cables and socks are my motivators for owning knitting needles! I just need more practise in using them. My trouble is wrenching myself away from many beautiful crochet projects. :-)


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