it's not easy being green...

Looked at all the Amanda pictures on instagram (viewer only), and on the website.  Inspiring and motivating until....

I was humming along nicely with my Amanda sweater for the fringeandfriendsknitalong... until last night it occurred to me that the honeycomb on the right back was wider than the left.  A full repeat wider.  This will make the centre back skewed two inches to the left.  I have the correct number of stitches for my size.  I have read the chart incorrectly.  I will have to rip out close to 200 yards of knitting, all the way back to the ribbing.  I have already done this once to correct a cable turned the wrong way.

I've been knitting while watching tv.  Outlander late at night (not a show for kids) and Once Upon a Time (with the boys - fantastic show!).  On Once, the Wicked Witch is green with envy (literally) and trying to wipe out an entire town and a few specific people as a result.

(image from
I admit when I'm looking at all of the lovely sweaters well underway, I'm feeling a little green with envy myself.  For me, I ripped out hours of work in minutes, and am starting over again, from the chart up.  Here is my "do-over" WIP, as I once again go back to the beginning.  I hope this one is worth all of the work!


  1. It ain't easy being green (sing along in Kermit the frog's voice).....


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