Taking stock... checking in...

I like posts on other people's blogs (like at Knit Happens) that list where the writer is at in the moment.  Checking in, or taking stock, in a quick list has an appeal to me.  I'd like to go back and reread these to see how I've grown, where I was and where I am now.  Or where I've stayed still.  So here's my attempt to 'take stock' today:
Making:  scarves as year-end gifts for teachers with a very concrete deadline
Cooking:  it's BBQ season!
Drinking:  discovered Black Fly Tequila Margaritas (pre-mixed coolers) at the LCBO... yummy mix of sweet and sour with just a touch of salty
Wishing: I had more down time and could slow down my busy mind to enjoy the time I do have
Enjoying:  grandparents who will do overnight babysitting
Watching:  action movies (it's Father's Day!), and World Cup soccer
Feeling: the bittersweet end of school, where I say goodbye to routine and welcome more freedom
Wearing:  flip-flops.  All the time.
Buying:  new Erin Condren life planner - brilliant, brilliant, brilliant must-have
Reading:  what alice forgot
Feeling:  fatigue... where does that come from?!
Hoping:  for more joy in the process and less worry about the product - knitting, and in general
Starting:  an online course for work, plus teaching at the same time, in July
Being:  happy to be home with my family
Hearing:  television shows, the dryer spinning, boys saying "I'm bored".... a typical Sunday!

There's where we are today.