something new

I'm going to try to blog with a purpose in mind.  This is hard, not because I don't like to write but because part of me knows that my readership is incredibly low (one or two have flown by, doubt there's a captive audience).  I'm okay with this.  I used to journal in a book about my life, knowing no one would read it.  I've moved to blogging about mostly knitting, equally sure that my thoughts will likely be unread.  I have no patterns to sell, no techniques to post, no connection to the fashion or knitting world.  I post photos of my knitting to remind me of what I have done, and what I think about the process and product of my knitting.  Some day, when I am too old to knit (Gasp!) I will look back.  I may laugh at the 'fashion' of the day, I may marvel at my skills, I may glance and look away....

So, at the risk of blogging with an audience in mind rather than only with my own future self as reader, I am going to participate in a week of blogging. 

I am participating not to gain a market for my designs or knits, but to feel like my knitting blog fits into a community of sorts.  Even if only on the outskirts, looking on with envy to those who inspire others to knit, design, create, and display.