French Girl Inspiration

I bought French Girl Knits a couple of years ago and found the styling and aesthetic of the knits captivating.  Pretty and 'vintage' without looking 'old'.  Many techniques are explained allow the knitter to increase or decrease with different needle sizes, and a thorough explanation of different seamless techniques is provided throughout.  A few I've knit:
Wrenna - link to my Ravelry page
Veronique - link to my Ravelry project

Satine - my Ravelry projectSatine has been given away, as it no longer fits (I will eventually knit again).  Veronique was a gift for my mom, and Wrenna will be redone soon in a different colour (not sure the pink is for me, but yarn was inexpensive and I wasn't as concerned about yarn as I am now).

I'm pouring over pages and looking through stash to see what will be next!