knitting, fast and slow

I should be content with the process, but around this time of year the product takes centre-stage as I try to knit holiday gifts without spending extra money.  My Cape Cod is about two-thirds done.... I admit it's slow because I'm too tired from my day job to work on my evening hobbies.  Two busy kids don't help.  Where did the quiet time go?!!

But I'm on a hat-knitting frenzy right now.  Last year I knit a lot of cowls, this year it's hats.  I admit I rarely take photos as I knit and give away quickly.  My plans are:

ribby toque  in a natural shade of shelter 
random hat in a hot pink Cascade 220 (leftover from my cardigan
speer cap in red Berroco Vintage (frogged another hat for this one instead)

More hats to come, but this is a start into the holiday gifts.  Better move - it's December 8th!!!