Note to Self...

I stumbled across this photo when looking for knitting ideas.  Sums up exactly where I feel right now with all of life's "projects", knitting included.  A friend is having a baby.  I feel I should knit something but also realize that I don't really want to.  I want to give her something lovely for her first baby but am not entirely sure she is "knitworthy" (See my previous post on this).  Instead, I should settle in with projects I want and reaffirm that I knit for me.

  I knit to relax, unwind, and do something selfish.  I spend all day at work, and all of the other hours at home, looking after others and solving their big and small problems.  My other hobbies - cooking and scrapbooking - also involve doing things for others (cooking meals, creating keepsakes), and I carve out just enough time to run and read that I can still technically put them under my list of "Things I Do".  Barely.  Knitting clothes and accessories for me, or for me to gift to very special friends, is something I don't want to lose.  I don't want knitting to become one more thing with a deadline and a list of 'must do' for others, and to their specifications. 

So, I fight the urge to make a cute sweater for a baby boy and instead look at spring patterns and plan to be the selfish knitter I truly need to be.